music and memory

I didn't have the opportunity to see Alive Inside at Sundance, in part because when I saw it in the catalog, I was convinced that it was the same movie I saw a few years ago about the same subject. But after viewing the website and listening to RadioWest's episode with the director, I believe this is not the same film (though Henry, from this film, was in the first one). So, looking forward to the opportunity to see the film, but already absolutely convinced that this is an incredibly valuable and highly necessary project (in fact, the movie I saw a few years ago was preliminary and I don't believe this project had yet been initiated).


I've already used a portion of my (already filed - yeah, that's me) tax return to donate an iPod shuffle to the project at: Music and Memory.

Instead of getting all weepy and traumatized by this again, I'd like to humbly and strongly suggest you at least listen to the RadioWest podcast to see what it's all about. Everyone deserves some level of memories and love and joy in their last years, even if the day to day reality is too gritty to bear.