so excited: sweet & vicious

I'm in Seattle this weekend, visiting the niece and nephew, the white face cockatiel, the gray faced golden retriever, and a tortoise named Francesca. Being the woman I am, the priority each day is the food, book-ended by coffee and cocktails. I've loved the vermicelli bowl with grilled prawns (and big chunks of fresh garlic & ginger & herbs) at Ba Bar (found thanks to this article in Bon Appetit last year). I'm disappointed that Hot Cakes is no longer making fresh s'mores with their rich ganache and that the wild boar Black Bottle is currently serving isn't the most incredible meat I've eaten, as I remember it being when I experienced it last spring. Ocho is an unassuming, small tapas bar in Ballard, but their cocktails and tapas are anything but unassuming; I loved everything I tried there, including the El Picador cocktail, the broccoli with escarole, garlic & pinenuts, and the patatas bravas with artichoke aioli. I did manage to tear myself away from the food & cocktails long enough to wander through Elliott Bay Books (shocking, I know). I restrained myself from walking out with a third of the store, but when I found this book, it was one of those instances in which I don't question the purchase for a moment; there was no hesitation:


I knew nothing about this author or this book; it wasn't even the faintest blip on my radar. I haven't had the time to learn much yet, either, but the finely produced book trailer on her site imparts the unique flavours and feel of the recipes.

I am inspired and impatient to try so many of the recipes from this book!

Solid Gold Beet Cupcakes: with yellow beets and candied ginger

Spice Channel Cake: (sexy spice cake with creamy mascarpone frosting)

Salvation Cinnamon Rolls: spicy (cayenne!) decadent rolls with caramel cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Maniac Fire Bread: spiced chocolate quick bread with smoked salty raspberry butter

Meatball Muffins: a juicy meatball in a muffin blanket

Kickin' Cornbread: skillet-baked + drenched in spicy bacon butter

Flat-Chested Flat Bread: with chile oil, brown sugar, parmesan

Forgiveness Naan

Monet's Favourite Sandwich: warm roasted chicken, brie, + raspberry jam on baguette

Fig & Pig Pies for One: spiced mashed figs, flaky crust, + salty prosciutto

Jacked-Up Ginger Cookies

Southern Sartorialist's Cookies: a salty, smoky, bourbon laced oatmeal cookie for dudes

Retired Gingerbread Working Girls

Gigi's PB&J Biscuits: peanut butter, bacon, & beef jerky DOG biscuits

My Kindle is loaded up for this trip with the new episode of Portlandia, three issues of The New Yorker, the new Bon Appetit, the new Jamie Magazine, and any number of books, but for the last couple have nights, my bedtime reading has been nothing other than this new cookbook. Delicious variety, intriguing flavour combinations, vibrant photographs, witty words. Can't wait to get home and start experimenting!