the ones i save for last (favourite sites)

In about every arena of my life, I save the best for last. Worst first, best last.

Whether I'm eating or reading or cleaning the house, I have this automatic rule that I perform the most onerous or boring or difficult task first, and then keep the task I find the most interesting or exciting to savor last.

I follow my favourite blogs and other feeds on Feedly, and I do the same thing there. I sweep through the majority and save my favourites for last.

Today I'd like to share the ones I save for last.

The Dogist

the dogist

I started rolling through the photographs to find a favourite to post here but I just love them all. Elias is the photographer of these dogs on the street (usually New York but he posts from other locations like California as well). His depth of field, the way the dogs often look as though they're proudly posing, the tenderness. His work is just lovely.

Lady and Pups

lady and pups

If forced at dough-hook point to follow only one food blogger for the rest of my life (oh, what a sorrowful day that would be!),I would choose Lady and Pups. Mandy Lee is angry, witty, sweet, but even if she never wrote a word she would still be my absolute supreme goddess of food just for her dark, incredible photographs, with the recipes to match. Oh, and here are the pups:

lady and pups

Rachel is what I'm going to call my quiet blogger. When I see her posts, I feel calmer and homey. She lives in Seattle and the last three times I visited my family there, I always had her Seattle favourites page pulled up on my phone so that wherever we were if there was a question of where to eat or shops to explore, I consulted her advice. She's eclectic, posting her own writing on Fiction Fridays, regular moment updates with a photo or two of her day, this week's flowers, recipes, and book reviews.

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet Is Is

Jessica is a temptress, a snarky, gorgeous, fascinating, can't look-away-temptress. Like The Dogist and how I have to pin almost every dog on there, it's rare that I don't also pin (and then, yes, also frequently make) pretty much every recipe post Jessica offers. Also, even when I'm very busy and have to forgo links/favourites from some of the other bloggers I follow, I never skip Jessica's links. She's introduced me to others that I now follow and, well... she just makes me happy.

The Borowitz Report

the borowitz report

You hear stories about how some people on the internet find a headline from The Onion, read the article, and then angrily post outraged comments because they believe the article is real. I recently discovered The Borowitz Report and (kind of) do the same thing. I'll see the headline in my feed and link to it, and start feeling shocked or outraged, then realize what I'm reading and have to back off.

There's more, of course. Sites that make me happy, inspired, so very glad the internet exists. I'll link more later!

I'm not a commentor. As in, I rarely comment on others posts. In the very early days of the internet (I mean YEARS ago), I was beaten up by a nasty troll on the very first blog I commented on, so it's made me comment-shy. Also, if I find a recipe that I'm excited about, I'd rather print/pin it and then escape the internet to actually go and make it rather than stick around and talk about it. So if any of these bloggers actually notice me linking to them, they're very likely to say, "Who is this person? I've never even interacted with her and she's saying I'm a favourite?" Absolutely. I'm just off reading their work or cooking or exploring the ideas they've inspired.

**(ALL photos are from each author's websites and link to their sites!)**