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Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Last night while reading Shaun Tan's newest picture book, Rules of Summer, I experienced one of those bright moments of synchronicity when your real life coincides with the words you're reading right in that moment.

"Never leave the back door open overnight."

Reading this beautiful book in bed, I sat up straighter and asked, "Wait. Did we close the back door?" We're in that transition time when you're still trying to put off turning on the central air for the first time for the season, and propping the back door open to cool and freshen the house always helps one to put it off that much longer.

I adore Shaun Tan; if you haven't read The Arrival yet, please just go do that. Right now. Now.Go!

Tan's illustrations are dark and a bit dystopian, intimately warm and industrially cold.

rules of summer//wanderaven

Many of Tan's rules for the summer months are truly to be taken into consideration, whether literally or philosophically.

I love the autumn, it's my favourite season, and I become inspired and energized the first early morning I switch on the heater in the car. The heat during the summer here can be oppressive and seemingly interminable, so it's far too easy for me to get whiny and defeated. Rules of Summer, though, reminds me of companions highlighted in the light of the long days, and potential adventures to seize.