the sheltering sky

sheltering sky//wanderaven

Many people assume (myself sometimes included) that a book considered a classic must have some redeeming value, even if it might not really be your cup of tea. But this isn't true for all readers of said classics because preferences differ as much as each novel.

And The Sheltering Skydefinitely wasn't my cup of tea.

But the one redeeming value I found was the some of the writing was beautiful. Hence, two stars on goodreads, as opposed to one otherwise. Not sure it was beautiful enough, though, to suffer through the despicable characters.

Three incredibly self-centered (and apparently wealthy and bored) people travel aimlessly through Africa. They disrespect each other and those around them, sexually and romantically betray one another, and when tragedy threatens, instead of safely getting out of there, they just blithely blunder further into danger (seemingly because they care so little about both themselves and one another that they couldn't bother to alter their ennui).

And if Fifty Shades of Grey is your thing, you may appreciate the last third of this book better than I did. It's not really my thing, personally, and although I'm sure that many could argue that the similar sort of context within this novel could be considered Stockholm Syndrome, I didn't perceive it that way.