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We Were Liarsby E. Lockhart

I think I'm thinking too much about all of this.

My cello teacher will spend 20 minutes patiently explaining a concept to me and then, when I try to implement it in my playing she'll say, "You're thinking too much! Just... stop thinking."

I've been thinking too much about this book.

Picking apart and criticizing the bits that bothered me (repetition, even though it's probably perfectly justified, given the protagonists's condition), but then applauding the bits I relate to, like the effects a migraine has on your physical brain, and emotional state.

I wonder whether I should've been put off by the marketing of the book that admonishes the reader not to reveal the twist, and then wonder if I really did see the twist earlier than I perceived it.

I'm critical of parts I actually liked, I'm confused as to whether some of it makes enough sense for me to accept the chain of events as plausible. I'm not sure whether to place the book on a couple of my goodreads shelves that I will, whether it really falls under certain categories.

And, three or four stars?

See? Thinking too much.

I'm glad to have read it, and it may be the very first book I've ever proclaimed to be a great summer read - sun and light and water atmosphere  but also intrigue and confusion that kept me reading, and dark enough for my tastes (which I think is perhaps what many readers looking for a stereotypical "great summer read" might not want in their novels).