never coming back

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Never Coming Backby Tim Weaver

Okay, so I was a bit taken in by the cover.

And, actually, I liked the writing more than I might have expected.

But I was awfully confused for much of the time. Other reviewers have indicated that, despite this being the fourth in a series, it can be appreciated as a stand alone. I'm sure that's true, but I'm also sure I may have been less confused and I certainly would have been more emotionally invested in the protagonist detective, David, if I knew his backstory (i.e. previous three books).

Never Coming Back was just released as Tim Weaver's debut novel in the United States. This always confuses me a bit: sure, it makes sense to release his most recently written and published novel but when it's fourth in a series, I think it makes a a bit more difficult to hook in and engage readers.

Another early reviewer (early for the UK release several months ago), indicated that their confusion about the time switches was somewhat alleviated by the different chapters changing fonts. Unfortunately for me, I had a digital galley and did not have this benefit, so I remained confused at times and somewhat disengaged.

So... I think I'd like to try Tim Weaver again, but to start will the first in this series, so that I can appreciate the protagonist and the series development more than I could while attempting this novel.