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Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Are all apocalyptic novels this incredible?

Because if they are I want to read all the apocalyptic novels right now.

I assume that they're not because, of course, all genres and sub-genres have their strengths and their weaknesses, and this is a good thing because I'm not sure I want to stick to just apocalyptic novels for the rest of my life.

And if they were all this great, I'd have no choice in the matter.

Ugh, I'm having next-book malaise this morning. And I have some incredible looking books jostling into the queue: Broken Monsters, The Paying Guests, The Bone Clocks, Museum of Mistakes, The Girl With All the Gifts, Brother of the More Famous Jack, The Miniaturist, The Book of Strange New Things

I am reluctant to commit to anything else because I am already married to Station Eleven.

station eleven//wanderaven

You guys, this book is incredible. If, like me before reading this book, you read apocalyptic and cringe, please, please don't move on. Does it help if I tell you that it is partially set in the current era, before the collapse of the world? Does it help if I tell you that much of the apocalyptic part is is during the time immediately after the collapse so it's all too painfully easy to imagine precisely what it would be like if this all happened to you today? Does it help if I tell you that I was at the pharmacy yesterday, the day I finished the book, and it all felt sort of surreal and creepy because while I was paying I began thinking about losing it all: the other people, the debit card (and all monetary associations), the medication, the gummy bears on the rack beside me, the entire building, the entire neighborhood?

The collapse of civilization is, clearly, a central component of Station but the characters are the spine: strength and weakness, beauty and hideousness, sadness and tenderness.

Lovely, lovely breakout novel for Mandel. This one book has instantly catapulted her to one of my favourite authors.