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Museum of Mistakes: The Fart Party Collection by Julia Wertz

My excuse for not having discovered The Fart Party comics years ago is that I've just begun exploring comics and graphic novels/memoirs.

No, wait. I'd prefer to blame/credit my sister for sending on her copy of The Infinite Wait a few months ago, which was when I discovered and fell in love with Julia Wertz and her work. 

In any case, I'm just so happy that this woman has shown up in my life.

The comics from her first two Fart Party collections (previously out of print) are in here, but there's also random hate mail from random, idiotic people in the internet (and her responses to those complaints - which really don't merit any sort of response). Included are non-Fart Party related comics, her very early pre-FP comics, and an extensive section of  sketches from the neighborhoods (especially the tenderloin district in San Francisco) where she has lived. I gather there are fools out there who have accused Wertz's drawings of being crude; the additional inclusions in this collection show her variety of artistic abilities (not that she needs to showcase anything else to justify her thoroughly delightful most-commonly published comic sketches and strips).

museum of mistakes//wanderaven

The last full length novel I finished was Station Eleven, and I was so affected by that novel that I just naturally stepped back from reading another regular novel for a couple of weeks. I'm happy for the coincidence that Museum arrived the same week, and I expected to quickly devour this very different sort of narrative. But it actually took me much longer to read Museum than I anticipated and that's because well written and illustrated comics and memoirs always need more time and consideration.

She just knows. She knows what it's like to be an introvert, knows the desire to make friends and then hope that those friends don't really expect you to make plans or anything like that. She knows books and their influence on your emotions, knows burritos and their influence on your belly.