the curious case of the copper corpse

the curious case of the copper corpse//wanderaven

The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse (A Flavia de Luce Story)by Alan Bradley

If you're an earnest Flavia de Luce devotee as I am, you may be aware that there's a new novel out in January but you may not know there's a (very!) brief Flavia short just released. This is the first Kindle Single in the Flavia series (#6.5).

This is a quick in and out. No time wasted on backstory or even really any setting at all for Flavia; if you read this short story knowing nothing about Flavia, you'll be utterly lost. Flavia is summoned by a cryptic message to a boys' school where there's... well, a copper corpse hanging out in a bathtub.

Fun, witty, cute ramping up to the new novel in just a couple of weeks!