this week's shiny things

 looking under the couch for shiny things

looking under the couch for shiny things

Nothing Compares 2 U was a formative experience in my youth: Nothing Compares 2 Sinead.

I'd never entertained the idea of being a superhero until I saw this t-shirt and instantly realized this would be my call to action: Meet Me At The Library t-shirt

I've been seeing pretty pictures of a new(ish) coffee shop in town for some time now. Finally visited this week and will definitely be returning: Publik Coffee Roasters.

Every single week, without fail, Mandy from Lady and Pups makes me happy. Even if I can't always manage to make new recipes from her, they're always so innovative and gorgeous: Peanut Butter Sticky Rice Balls in Green Tea.  

I haven't been following Emily for long but her interesting articles are growing on me: Our Ten House Rules

Be sure to have a significant, satisfying meal before your next purge: The Good, the Bad, and the Hangry.