at the reunion buffet

At the Reunion Buffet by Alexander McCall Smith

Being poised to read the new full-length novel in The Sunday Philosophy Club series, I caught up with the recent single (just a brief short story) from the series, At the Reunion Buffet.

Isabel is hosting the first night of a weekend of school-reunion get togethers, despite lacking any interest whatsoever in doing so. Her co-organizer, who seems to have a crush on her (also seemingly without reason for doing so) reveals that many people coming to the reunion are anxious about running into a particular attendant, one they all say bullied them in school. Isabel is determined that everyone in attendance should be comfortable (including the bully) so she sets forth to attempt to resolve everyone's concerns.

This short was uneven for me. On one hand, I was impressed by how well McCall Smith manages to rekindle the warm and homey Edinburgh home, making a brief insight into Isabel's world a comfy return for fans but equally as understandable for others. On the other hand, if you're a Dalhousie fan, you're used to a mystery to carry you through the philosophical tangents and moral dilemmas. The "mystery" here seemed tacked on to the primary concerns and is never resolved - the lack for doing so is attributed to well, it doesn't really matter anyway