the singing bones

The Singing Bones by Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan has always been one of my favourite authors, so I didn't hesitate to pick up this book as soon as it was released. I've only ever seen his artwork as one dimensional illustrations in other books but I love his work, so I expected the three-dimensional pieces here to be great. 

You guys. This is one of my favourite books this year. The pieces are just absolutely astounding. Each two page layout features, on the left hand side, a brief excerpt from a Grimm's fairy tale and on the right hand side a photograph of the three dimensional artwork inspired by the excerpt. The materials differ on each piece, and the extent to which he develops each piece in terms of complexity varies. I love his interpretations on the excerpts and I love everything about this book. 

There's an introduction by Jack Zipes and a forward by Neil Gaiman.

And most importantly, here's some of the incredible art you'll experience:


If you like having books with beautiful, dark, mysterious images around, that's enough reason to have this book. If you also adore disturbing writing, haunting stories, or anything to do with the Grimm brothers, you've struck gold.