7.8 miles on Ben Nevis, Scotland

Ben Nevis, the highest point above sea level in the United Kingdom, has a trail that until just recently was called the "Tourist Track." It is now called the "Mountain Track." There are other ascents one can take but the far majority of trekkers take the Mountain Track. I'm absolutely theorizing here, but I imagine it was changed because people were offended by it being labeled with "tourist" because that somehow implies one is choosing the easy path. Having now climbed the Mountain Trek, I'm going to have to agree with them, because I doubt few people would consider this ascent easy. 

It is, however, exceedingly beautiful.

At first you think, "Oh, how sweet, a light dusting of snow. Ooo, good thing I remembered my gloves. What? Turn back? Of course not! I live in Utah, I LIVE in snow. Let's go and summit this thing!"

And then you realize that if you hadn't brought hand warmers to tuck inside your heavy duty Gortex mitten with double lined gloves, you'd be in serious trouble. And then you realize that you'll be in even more trouble if you don't get the walking sticks and gaiters out immediately. And then you see hikers who were smarter than you and brought crampons still repeatedly slipping and sliding down the rather steep quickly-becoming-engulfed-in-white-out-conditions-at-3,000-feet and you decided to become a bit smarter and say, "Yeah, this is where I turn around."

So we didn't actually summit which felt like a shame at the time, since we had made it to 2,978 feet with only about 1,000 feet left to go, but reviewing the map later, those 1k would've been damn difficult even on a warm sunny day with no sudden hail-heavy-white-out-face-stinging-windy storm surrounding us.

So we made it far as safely possible, and that's a win for me.