daisy in chains

Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton

Damn, but this woman is a clever writer. 

Clever, clever. 

Though I often receive advanced copies of books for review, I'm such a Bolton fan and there's such a discrepancy between the UK release date and the US release date that I didn't want to take a chance on not receiving an ARC and so ordered my copy from Book Depository

And it was so worth it! 

As with Little Black LiesDaisy is, thus far, a stand alone novel (given the structure, though, I wouldn't be surprised if one or some of the characters continue on with their own series). 

A woman's-soul-destroyingly-attractive man named Hamish Wolfe (because of course) is in prison for killing a woman... and suspected of three other murders of the same fashion. His mother intentionally-by-accident stumbles across a celebrity lawyer named Maggie Rose, famous for securing the releases of other men accused of crimes, typically more on technicalities than on the mens' actual innocence. Wolfe's mother begs Maggie Rose to consider Wolfe's case, as she is convinced he is innocent (being his mother and all). 

Daisy is part epistolary - via emails and prison letters and biographical sketches of the victims drawn up by Maggie Rose. 

Umm, so, besides that? I don't really want to reveal any more. I will say that I just love the directions Bolton has been exploring lately. Though I liked her from her very first book, I do feel like she's just been getting better and better with each new novel, especially these recent standalones. 

*Daisy in Chains will be released in the States on September 20, 2016. If you can't stand to wait, like me, you can click on the links above to find the book on Book Depository.