heart and brain: gut instincts

Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts by The Awkward Yeti (Nick Seluk

There's been a part of my brain (HA, or is it heart? - didn't actually start that way intentionally, but hey, it works) lately that really wants to exclusively read comics and graphic novels and graphic memoirs. I mean, it's never going to happen, not exclusively anyway, due to all the promising novels burying me, but The Awkward Yeti's new collection is a welcome respite from life lately. 

I only discovered Seluk's work a few months back, and am enthralled. The basic set-up is that Heart and Brain are companions - playing together, almost always in conflict, figuring out life. Other organs come and go in the panels, but Heart and Brain are the stars.

It's encouraging to know that other Hearts and Brains can be as crazy as one's own. Encouraging... or frightening? Not sure. But I love following the life of The Awkward Yeti and his organs - it's always insightful and inspiring (and damn true, pretty much every single time). 

Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts will be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing on October 18 (and they were kind enough to provide my advanced copy).