the guild of saint cooper

The Guild of Saint Cooper by Shya Scanlon

Had you asked me, I'd have said that a 415 page book I decided to stop reading less than 100 pages from the end would've been, like, two stars or less. 

I've decided on three stars, however, because I can kinda, sorta, respect what Scanlon was trying to do here. I loved the Seattle setting, and being able to so easily visualize the settings that I visit on a regular basis. And I truly savored some of the sentences, the way he puts words together. These things ultimately deserved three stars, to me.

But I also stopped reading when I did - so close to the end! yeah, I'm surprised myself! - because I just couldn't get on board with the plot structure and in my confusion and irritation, I finally realized that I just didn't really care about what happened anymore. 

It's entirely possible that I don't have enough familiarity and/or love for... what is this called? speculative fiction, maybe? The truth is, however, I believe I've read other novels that probably qualify as speculative fiction before and they kept my attention and concern. This storyline was just so disjointed and confusing, without strong enough threads to jolt the ah-ha!-that's-what's-happening! impulses in my brain. It was all unsatisfying for me, in the end, and I can't say I'd recommend it unless you love being confused even until the very ending chapters of a book, possibly to the point of feeling like maybe the author wasn't even sure what he intended and so just threw a lot of wild thoughts in there without trying to make them comprehensible.