my favourite thing is monsters

My Favourite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris

So, there's a tiny bit of Oh, really? C'mon! involving one of the threads in the plot, and it's not the monsters or the Nazis or even the sacrificial table.

That, though, is my only qualm. There are so many amazing stories swirling around this one - the bankrupted ship (though I just looked on Amazon and Fantagraphics and it looks like you actually can get it now!), the paralysis - all before you even crack open the actual book itself. 

All the fascination, though, isn't just around those stories - it's definitely bolstered by the authenticity and artistry and beauty and terribleness within the pages. The weird, depressed neighbor of a young girl/werewolf (not really) is murdered and the girl sets out to discover what happened. She's doing so in part to not have to deal with the things that are happening right in front of her, and to herself, but as in all good mysteries, she'll never discover what she wants to know if she ignores that stuff. 

One of my favorite books of the year, so far. Don't even consider getting it on Kindle. Gorgeous and heartrending illustrations and storytelling.