my salinger year

My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff

So many readers I like and whose opinions I respect (mostly friends, here on goodreads), adored this book so much that I finished it feeling churlish and that, perhaps, I've missed something. 

It just... it didn't work for me, for some reason, at least not as brilliantly as it seems to have for others. I have to wonder whether I'd have appreciated it more if I were actually a Salinger fan. But I'm guessing not, because the things that didn't work for me were more about how Rakoff thought about and approached the world.... or least how she wrote that she did. 

Agh; I cannot say "these were the terrible things:" because I certainly wouldn't call it that, and I wouldn't be giving it three stars if I had wholly disliked it. It simply didn't speak to me the way it seems to have done to other readers, and I suppose I'll just leave it there.