a distant view of everything

A Distant View of Everything by Alexander McCall Smith 

I couldn't imagine abandoning a series I've thoroughly enjoyed halfway through the eleventh book, but I suppose that's what I've just done. 

I've abandoned the book, at least, if not the series. 

I've said before about McCall Smith that one must be in the right frame of mind to read his gentle, insightful, meandering novels. I am, perhaps, not in the right frame of mind right now. The most exciting thing I found about this one was Charlie and his reactions to his new baby brother. Endearing, spiteful, funny, they were the primary reason I kept reading as long as I did and I was so focused on these interactions that it felt like the rest of the bones of the plot were weakly constructed around this one element. 

I'm always going to love the 44 Scotland Street series, and I doubt that I won't return to the Dalhousie books but I've never abandoned one before, either, so I suppose we'll see.