all the galaxies

All the Galaxies by Philip Miller

Well, damn it. 

I really thought I was going to enjoy this one. An unclassifiable (at least to this reader) mix of horror, science fiction, dystopian, fiction, and well, just a mish-mash of everything. 

The primary draws, for me, were Glasgow and the dog, and the interesting premise.

 Ryan McGoverne

Ryan McGoverne

The interesting/shrouded premise seemed promising. It's likely shrouded, however, because it's difficult to understand what's happening, and how everything is related, and I'm imagining everyone from the author to the publicists throwing up their hands trying to explain to potential readers why they might want to read it. 

It wasn't this confusion, though, that ultimately made me give up at the 43% mark. I can stick with things I'm not fully understanding for an admirable length of time if they pay off (I read Cloud Atlas for far longer than I ultimately felt it deserved). But the characters simply weren't empathetic enough for me to want to stick around to find out what was going on and why they were experiencing such horrors and fascinations. There were things I liked in the writing, and it feels like there's some shiny seeds of talent buried in there, but it simply wasn't enough for me to return with anticipation. 

Freight books provided an advanced reader's copy.