the life she was given

The Life She Was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman

So.... if you liked The Night Circus, you may like this one. I don't say that simply because of the circus connection but also the development of the characters and their situations. There's not really any magical content here, like in The Night Circus but you've got the big top and couple of star-crossed lovers. 

I compare it to Night, honestly, in large part because I finished reading this one with the same sense of disappointment that I had when finishing Night. In both, I felt the characters were fairly one-dimensional and that simply setting the plot in a circus environment didn't give it the interest of depth for which the author may have been striving.

Unfortunately, it all just fell quite flat and unemotional for me. 

Kensington Books provided an advanced copy for review. The Life She Was Given was released on July 25th.