lady stuff: secrets to being a woman

Lady Stuff: Secrets to Being a Woman by Loryn Brantz

I've gotta tell ya, I love so much of what Andrews McMeel publishes. 

But I've also gotta tell ya, the first chapter of this comics collection almost turned me off. 

Brantz is another new-to-me illustrator. I requested to review this copy because it looked like it would be wittily snarky and relatable. But the first chapter, Grooming and Habitat Maintenance, honestly, almost made me put the book down. Though there were a couple of funny panels, the humor felt like a safe, 80's, Cathy comics sort of thing (okay, it make me think of a Kathy Griffin-like hey, isn't it so hard being a woman, what with boobs and all? --- I'm not a K.G. fan, obviously, though based on recent news, looks like maybe her stuff has improved!). But I kept reading and was rewarded with more relatable content, and ended up quite happy. 

That last one? I've done that last one! Within the last week! 

I ended up enjoying this one so much. Brantz is delightfully strong in translating passing thoughts and actions that we all do all the time but would have difficulty explaining to someone. If you like Hyperbole and a Half or Sarah Andersen, I feel confident you'll like Brantz.

Lady Stuff: Secrets to Being a Woman will be released Tuesday, September 26th.