herding cats

Herding Cats: A "Sarah Scribbles" Collection by Sarah Andersen 

I went for too long in my life without knowing Andersen's work; I make up for that now by greedily consuming everything she does. Andrews McMeel gave me the opportunity to read this before the publication (March 27th), I happily accepted despite that I've been vastly cutting back on my ARCs recently. 

As evidenced below, Herding Cats certainly lives up to Andersen's legacy of awesome work and hitting close to home. My primary caveat about this collection is that probably more than a third of it is entitled "Making Stuff in the Modern Era: A Guide For the Young Creative". This may sound strange, but I didn't expect it to actually be a practical guide per say (I expected more humor), but that's what it is. 

I don't begrudge this, because Andersen has dealt with some really terrible stuff online. If you're not familiar with what some of that truly shitty stuff may be, I beg of you not to go googling it as I did because now that awful stuff is associated in my head, and I would do just about anything to return to my pre-googling-innocence and be able to love Andersen's work without all of that. In any case, I definitely understand her desire to put out there a manifesto of sorts about things other creatives can do to enjoy working online and how to survive. It just isn't what I wanted or needed from the collection. It just, unfortunately, reminded me of the the terrible google results. The guide didn't ruin my experience of the collection, to be certain, but it didn't enhance it, either.

In any case, examples of the magnificence of her work:

I just absolutely love her.