labyrinth coronation #1

Labyrinth Coronation #1 from BOOM!

It feels nearly impossible to convey my depth of investment in Labyrinth and anything associated with it. Bottom line is that I occupy that territorial field where I feel like I know more about it than anyone else and don't talk about my precious Labyrinth because you have no power over me. It's a condition. 

Needless to say, I'm highly skeptical and defensive and dismissive about anything associated. But then I heard that this new series from BOOM! explores Jareth's backstory. So I finally went and set up a pull list at my local (awesome, by the way) comic book store, Black Cat Comics.  

Bottom line: I feel that yes, even of you're a hardened and defensive nothing-can-ever-be-as-good-as-the-movie-stop-insulting-me jerk like I am, this series as highly deserving of at least a look. Though Jareth himself won't yet admit that the baby he's telling a story about is himself, this is indeed his backstory. We meet his parents (Vienna, 1797 - I mean, it was impossible that it would be anywhere/anytime else, right?) with gorgeous and appropriate illustrations. I am thoroughly impressed with Spurrier's writing here - even if one didn't read the little interview with him at the end, you'd still know that he's clearly a fan himself and not in a fan-fiction level of writing, but in a could've-been-an-original-writer-on-the-movie sort of way. The characterization of behind-the-scenes-but-still-in-the-movie Jareth and his interactions with the goblins are exacting. The transitions from a scene in the movie to the new backstory is seamless.  

Needless to say, I'm hooked and can highly recommend the series (so far!)