the 4 pillar plan

The 4 Pillar Plan by Rangan Chatterjee

While reading this over the course of several weeks (far longer than the length/content would suggest is required, but I was truly savoring it), when I would mention to my partner what I was reading about he would become skeptical, assuming Chatterjee offers the same typical advice such as, "Always get eight hours of sleep a night."

And what I enjoyed so much about Chatterjee's advice is that it's not typical, not in that sense. I mean yes, of course, he advocates a healthier lifestyle, but he explains in medical and scientific detail as to how and why. I was fascinated by information such as this: "It's thought that, when we sleep, our brain cells shrink in size to allow gaps to open up between our nerve cells, which allows our brain to wash away waste products that build up and accumulate whilst awake." And then he doesn't give any hours-based parameters about sleep time to assist in this process but rather explains how you should be feeling if you're getting sufficient sleep. If you don't feel this way, then you need more sleep. 

To my knowledge, Chatterjee isn't really known in the States yet, though what looks like an Americanized version of this book will be released here in May. Many who would read this might think it too simplified or obvious but that felt like the point to me. His suggestions are a baseline that is all too easy to veer from, and his explanations as to why we are best when we adhere to that baseline is both informative and motivational. As well, many of the changes are really super easy and even enjoyable to incorporate into one's life. This will be one of the rare books I actually keep so that I can continue to reference it and be inspired and motivated.