labyrinth coronation #2

Labyrinth Coronation #2 from BOOM!

If you're already a significant comic book reader, my considerations of this Labyrinth series must be taken within the context that I am not a significant comic books reader. I come to this series as a Bowie and a Labyrinth fanatic, so I'm learning a bit more about how these series work with this one.   

Coronation #2 was less enthralling to me than #1, though it's difficult to articulate why. Perhaps because the novelty has faded slightly, perhaps because we spent much of this issue with establishing the entrance of Jareth's mother (presumably) into the Labyrinth, and I suppose that because this is a backstory and this not the same story as the movie, I didn't expect so much predictable patterning off Sarah's adventures in the movie. 

I hope that changes, and this isn't necessarily a huge demerit against the series (I'm certainly excited about picking up the third one in a couple days!), this issue just felt a bit ho-hum.