i see you

I See You by Clare Mackintosh 

There are any number of authors out there who write along the same vein as I See You. Some of them may or may not be intentionally writing with the desire to be like Tana French (or at least publisher's publicists want you to believe so). 

I write this not to disparage or to say everyone wants to write like French. Just that I regularly find myself approaching books like this, looking for someone with similar strengths and sometimes I find authors who come close - Atkinson, Bolton - though never close enough and that's okay, because none of can or should be like another. I often finish books like these not disappointed that the quality doesn't approach French - and truly, I never expect them to do so - but rather more along the lines that I've found an author that is enjoyable, and I would read them again, but I'm not honestly certain I'll remember much about the book in a couple weeks. 

That I figured out who the antagonist(s) were quite early on isn't a boast - I've never been particularly talented at this, so it's likely that if you read it, you'll figure it out early, too. 

All this isn't to say that I didn't enjoy I See You. It's so damn refreshing to see a female protagonist in a mystery/thriller who isn't a compromised/severely damaged alcoholic. I understand why that trope works, and I'm not saying I'll immediately put down a book that has one, just that it's so, so overdone and rarely works all that well, at least in terms of identification and sympathy with said protagonist. We're finally blessed with a more level-headed and somewhat angst-free protagonist, which just allows her to get on with solving the damn mystery and helping herself and other threatened women. 

Though this is my first Mackintosh and it doesn't debut in my reading world as a brand-new-favourite-author!, I certainly still enjoyed it and will be moving on to read her actual debut, I Let You Go, which actually has an overall higher cumulative rating on goodreads, and an intriguing synopsis.